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A slipmat is a circular piece of slippery cloth or synthetic materials disk jockeys place on the turntable platter instead of the traditional rubber mat. Unlike the rubber mat which is made to keep hold the record firmly in sync with the rotating platter, slipmats are designed to slip on the platter, allowing the DJ to manipulate a record on a turntable while the platter continues to rotate underneath. This is useful for holding a record still for slip-cueing, making minute adjustments during beat-matching and mixing and pulling the record back and forth for scratching.

They are also very commonly used simply as decoration for when a record isn't on the turntable.

We use the latest digital printing technology on our slipmats for long-lasting, high-quality imaging. Our inks are permanently dyed and heat treated into the fibers that are vibrant and will not fade or crack. Our printed slipmats will not scratch vinyl.....100% guaranteed.

All of our slipmats have the ultimate slip, no need for wax paper or plastic sheets under our slipmats.


"Just as DJ's sample the work of many musicians into new mixes, visual artists tap into their own cultural surroundings, sampling the influences they have accumulated and integrate them into their work. Both the visual artist and the DJ can be seen as “selectors” who draw inspiration from their respective environments, as well as its trends and fads, with the finished product of a painting or a mix being their interpretation of the world around them." 


DJ Industries is a collaboration between two friends Ian and Ken. Growing up in the suburbs of Orlando as teenagers in the early 90's, they were heavily influenced by a culture of electronic music that exploded throughout Florida. Spinning records became the norm amongst friends and every weekend Orlando treated the local underground scene with some of the best talent of DJ's and awesome nightclubs. Music and art brought out the creative side of both Ian and Ken when they couldn't find cool slipmats or apparel to add to their own gear. Technology brought the answer by bringing the personal computer to the masses. Computers, turntables, art, and music, it was a unity that created DJ Industries. 

DJ Industries is a registered trademark of KLH1 Enterprises. All designs and logos are owned by DJ Industries LLC and used with permission and/or licensing from their respective companies and artists. 

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